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Terminus Network Manager is a general purpose network administrator. It's a good choice for little or medium networks, because of it simple GUI. It is written in delphi and kylix, so it can be used in Linux and in Windows.

The most important features are:

  • Local Area Network autodetection. Terminus is able to detect all the computers in a LAN, and show them grafic and intuitively.
  • Services access. In the autodetection proccess, Terminus will ask what services does the computer offers, and give access to them. Actually you can access to:
    • Ping
    • Whois
    • Finger
    • Telnet
    • FTP
    In next versions we will add more services like ssh, traceroute...
  • Host searching. Terminus can search a host in a LAN, looking for it name or it IP, making easier the administration of networks with lots of hosts.
  • Remote hosts access. You can also use the services of an internet host not in your LAN, as servers, and access to this services the same way.
  • Different views. Detected computers can be viewed graphically, in an scheme, or as a list.
  • Notes. With Terminus you'll be able to attach notes to the boxes. You can remember in what you must work with this computer, o anything you need.
  • Configurability. Terminus is very configurable.
Terminus is licensed under the FSF's GPL, so it's free software.

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